Kohli pretty vocal regarding the type of Cricket

Since the time Virat Kohli has taken charge of the Indian test side post the retirement of MS Dhoni, he has been pretty vocal regarding the type of Cricket that he wants his players to play.

He has put a lot of emphasis on the need of scorings runs quickly and giving the bowlers enough time to bowl out the opposition twice.

Also, he has made it clear that he is not interested at all in playing with 7 specialist batsman as he does not think it makes that much of a difference as far as winning the test matches are concerned. He would rather have an all round option in the side who can bowl a decent bit and give the strike bowlers a breather from time to time so that they remain fresh to bowl attacking spells at the crucial times.

And, he has been doing what he has been saying. He has talked about aggression and he has backed those players whom he believes can play with that sort of aggression and can help India win games.

Despite the fact that Rohit Sharma failed to even get to the two digits in the one off test match against Bangladesh and then at Galle where India suffered one of their most terrible defeats ever, he was not dropped.

Virat pushed him down the order to no. 5 and promoted Ajinkya Rahane to play one down, but, he did not leave Rohit out of the playing XI and that’s because he knows the Mumbai batsman is exactly the kind of player whom he wants in the line up as he has got the attacking game and whenever he goes big, he would score his runs at a fair clip and that way, would save time for the team to take 20 wickets.

It’s needless to say that the upcoming couple of years promise to be pretty interesting for Indian Cricket under Virat.