Indian Bowlers boosted with Good day at Gliderol Stadium

The Indian bowlers had a good day on the field at Gliderol Stadium on the first day of their second practice game as they got the opposition all out below 250.

Varun Aaron led the way for India as his extra bounce was something that the batsmen found difficult to manage.

Yes, most of the batsmen there in that XI which was up against India were not the top cricketers in the domestic circuit of Australia.

It was an XI composed of youngsters, but, still, Aaron’s bowling was fantastic. On quicker pitches like Brisbane and Perth, the 25-year old will have his tail up.

Aaron was given the new ball today. Generally, he comes as the first change bowler as he is not known that much for his swing.

But, because Bhuvneshwar Kumar was rested, Aaron took the red cherry and he displayed his sheer pace with subtle movement.

Bhuvneshwar and Ishant will be the two pace bowlers that the Indian management would surely be including in the playing XI in the first game. The remaining one spot might go to Aaron if he bowls the same way in the second innings of this game.

However, the other contender for the third pacer’s spot i.e. Mohammad Shami did not bowl a bad spell either with the new cherry today. He got a couple in the wickets’ column too, but, Aaron, because of having that X-factor in him, might become the preferred choice.

Aaron had played two test matches in England and Shami had played there.  While, Shami was completely ineffective, Aaron had caught a few eyes there especially with the way he was bouncing the English players.

In current circumstances though, when there is a debate going on about the bouncers, Aaron might be a bit reluctant to dish out nasty bouncers, but, he would be very dangerous because of his pace.